Best Waterproof Shoes in Ireland

Best Waterproof Shoes in Ireland

Posted by New Shoes on 19th Dec 2022

If there is one thing this island is known for, it’s rain. From autumn through winter and into spring, wet weather is the norm, and we aren’t safe from a downpour in summer either. When you are buying shoes in Ireland, it is always wise to see if they are waterproof or at least water-repellent if you plan to be outdoors in them for any period of time.

When you are in a high street shop, you can always ask the sales staff for recommendations, but when you are buying shoes online in Ireland, you don’t have a helpful sales clerk by your side. Instead, you want to know what materials to look for. To see what shoes are waterproof, you will need to check what materials are used to make them.

Waterproof, water-resistant and water-repellent are not interchangeable terms. Waterproof offers the highest degree of protection from wet weather. Water-resistant and water-repellent shoes also protect your feet from water, but if they are exposed to enough water for enough time, some dampness will seep in. If you are going hiking in rainy, muddy weather, you want the maximum protection, but for walking around town on a wet day, water-resistant or water-repellent will do the job.

Merrell Bravada 2 Waterproof

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Materials for Shoes

Rubber soles are ideal for wet weather. They keep the water out while also providing a good grip to reduce the risk of slipping on wet pavement. But shoe uppers are just as important when you want to keep your feet dry while walking in the rain.

People have been making shoes out of leather just about as long as people have been making shoes. It’s durable, breathable and water resistant. You can find a huge selection of waterproof boots and shoes made of leather in styles that range from hiking boots to office and formal footwear. Clarks Shoes, one of Ireland’s most popular brands, make a wide range of casual leather shoes for men, women and children. One of the most reliable names in footwear, Clarks Shoes has something for everyone including office shoes, school shoes and stylish weekend shoes.

Ecco Shoes deserve a special mention for a men’s dress shoe they make – the Helsinki 2 – that uses both leather and Gore-Tex. It will withstand the fiercest elements and arrive in the office looking flawlessly professional. It’s a classic men’s shoe that ticks all the boxes. This is only one of the great shoes Ecco make for this climate.

Synthetic materials such as Gore-Tex now combine excellent resistance to water and breathability. Even some of the stylish athletic mesh shoes are waterproof, which is great news when you are trying to keep fashion-conscious tweens and teens happy and dry. Sketchers Shoes have some choices sure to satisfy.

When you are buying shoes online in Ireland, always read the description to see what materials are used. We need footwear that will stand up to lashing, bucketing rain pouring down on us. Choosing a shoe shop in Ireland – whether you are visiting in person or shopping online – will mean the staff who choose the brands carried understand what shoes we need in this climate.